Meth labs in the cross hairs of Rockland's Public Safety Committee

A new year brings a new set of goals for Rockland County?s Public Safety Committee as it tries to combat crime and shore up homeland security issues.Committee Chairman David Fried says members are pursuing an aggressive policy on crime prevention and homeland security. Fried says they are combining emergency personnel and government efforts to identify high-risk areas and methods to make them safer.
Fried also says methamphetamine labs are not only a national problem, but they also are making their way towards Rockland. He says establishing a methamphetamine lab protocol is one of the most proactive items on the agenda. Fried says if lawmakers pass the protocol, Rockland would be the first county in the nation to come up with a plan to combat the labs before they become a problem. Part of that agenda is already being implemented. Rockland police will take part in training on how to identify and deal with methamphetamine labs next week.