Middletown HS closed Friday after several fights that required police to respond

At least three fights and a possible security breach at Middletown High School prompted a multiagency response Thursday and canceled classes ahead of the school day on Friday.
Students can be seen punching and kicking each other in videos of the incidents that were given to News 12 by a parent. Other students can be heard in the background screaming.
Outside of the school, the violent chaos and back-to-back brawls prompted police and parents to respond by early afternoon.
“Some group of kids were trying to break into the school,” says parent Bonnie Gonzalez.
One student's cellphone seemingly shows someone trying to get in through a cafeteria window, while what appeared to be police held them back by the holding their leg and shirt.
The district said in a letter to parents at 12:45 p.m. that the school was put on a hold in place during the police response.
“They won’t let anybody in because of it,” says Christina Barber. “This is the third break out today.”
The fights were caught on student cellphone video even though they’re required to keep phones locked in a cellphone deterrent device called a Yondr pouch during the school day.
The pouches have been subject to mixed reaction from parents for months. Some say phones encourage fights like the ones that broke out on Thursday. Others say it keeps kids safe and holds schools accountable.
“With the situation going on, I don’t think the phones should be locked,” said Barber.
The district and police are investigating and say no one was hurt.
“We take situations like these incredibly seriously,” said Superintendent Amy Creeden. “Rest assured, any young person involved in the incident today will be subject to disciplinary consequences.”
So far, there is no word from police on any arrests.