Middletown mom: School administrators minimized bus assault on daughter

An Orange County mother is voicing outrage with her school district’s alleged response after she says her 9-year-old daughter was punched and slapped in the face by a boy who choked another student on their bus.
Middletown Mom Alyson Diaz says the fourth grader at Maple Hill Elementary School returned home from school Tuesday in tears and with a swollen face.
Diaz says bus video shows an 11-year-old boy strangling another little girl twice, before slapping, punching and pulling her daughter’s hair. 
She says the girls were recording the boy kissing another student in the seat in front of theirs when it happened.
Diaz says instead of punishing the student, district administrators blamed the victim and minimized what happened.
She says her daughter is too frightened to return to school on the bus and is suffering from a concussion.
The district says it is disappointed in the behavior and that appropriate disciplinary action was taken after an investigation. 
Diaz says the district allowed the boy to remain in school and on the bus all week and that the district is sending the wrong message to kids.
The Middletown District says it has no tolerance for violence and expects more from students.