Mix-up involving report of armed man leads police to stop Yankees GM Cashman

Authorities say a mix-up involving a report of an armed man led police officers in Connecticut with drawn weapons to stop a vehicle driven by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.
Police in Darien, Connecticut, say the incident began shortly before 11 a.m. Friday. Officers were notified by a local medical group that a male patient getting a routine physical was in possession of a handgun.
Police say that the patient had already completed his physical and left the office when they were contacted. They say that the man was not "brandishing" the handgun as some outlets have reported. But he was described as leaving the office in a white, possibly Jeep-like vehicle.
Darien police officers began checking the surrounding area, and say they located a Jeep at a nearby Shell gas station. A license plate check turned up that the vehicle was listed as stolen, according to police.
Darien officers stopped the vehicle as it was leaving the pumps using "felony motor vehicle stop procedures," police say. The officers unholstered their duty weapons and had them in hand, they say.
The vehicle's operator was identified as Brian Cashman, the general manager of the New York Yankees, who lives in Norwalk. Police say Cashman was "fully cooperative with all commands and instructions given by the officers conducting the stop and the encounter was quickly, efficiently and properly deescalated."
They say no force of any type was used by officers during the encounter.
Darien officers then went to a residence in Norwalk and located the male patient from the doctor's office. They say they confirmed that the patient has a valid pistol carry permit, and "was unaware that he had caused any alarm in the office while there undergoing his physical examination."
"These two intertwined incidents are clearly indicative of what police officers are often confronted with on a regular basis. These incidents were fortunately brought to a completely safe and successful conclusion by the proper application of professional police actions coupled with the full cooperation of the subjects involved," the Darien Police Department said in a news release on the incident.
Police added that Cashman "noted the professionalism and obvious training of the involved officers who were able to successfully bring this incident to the proper conclusion."