More leaks take Indian Point reactor off-line

Emergency siren testing at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant went off without a hitch, but the success was short-lived after a reactor was taken off-line Thursday due to a leak.
For the second time in a month, Indian Point 2 was taken off-line for repairs. Plant owner Entergy?s spokesperson Larry Gottlieb says a leak in a joint weld of a pipe in the non-nuclear side of the facility needs to be repaired. Gottlieb says the company decided to take the reactor off-line for repairs instead of waiting for scheduled maintenance. Officials say the leaking water is not radioactive and doesn?t pose a threat to the public. Entergy is still trying to clean up radioactive ground water contamination under the Indian Point site. That problem is unrelated to the current pipe leak.
Just last week, Entergy officials announced they will seek a 20-year renewal of federal licenses for Indian Point 2 and 3. Since the latest work is considered routine maintenance, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says it will have no bearing on Entergy's application for license renewal. The reactor is expected to be back on-line sometime during the weekend.
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