Mount Vernon film students to compete for chance to have work featured on streaming service

Some film students in Mount Vernon may get the chance to feature their creative work in a festival developed by famed music executive Dame Dash.
Dash held a screening Tuesday of his new film called "The Prince of Detroit" at the Denzel Washington School of Arts for the program's launch.
Students will get the chance to create their own short film that will address some of the issues that young people are currently facing.
"I think it's the responsibility of everyone once they learn to teach, anyone that has the plug is just insecure. So, for me, it's everything," says Dash. "
Andrea Thomas, principal of Denzel Washington School of the Arts, says, "It's about making sure that the next generation is fed and making sure that the next generation puts art out there so that it can live on forever."
Students from both Denzel Washington and Mount Vernon High School will compete to win the chance to have their film premiere on Tubi and Dash's streaming service.