Mount Vernon mayor accuses city comptroller of racking up millions in unpaid bills

Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and her team of commissioners have accused city Comptroller Deborah Reynolds of reckless negligence of her duties as the city's chief financial officer.
They accuse Reynolds of racking up millions of dollars in unpaid bills and rejecting millions of dollars in grants from the federal government.
The mayor also accuses Reynolds of not paying the bill on a new aerial fire truck the city desperately needs and leaving city leaders in the dark about the financial health of the city.
Patterson-Howard says, "Why would a comptroller who says she believes in fiscal responsibility cut off everyone in the city government from being able to access which should be public records? These records are critical to the day to day operation of our city."
The mayor has warned if they don't get a handle on the finances, taxpayers could be the ones forced to pay the price with higher taxes and reduced services.
However, Reynolds insists this has been the mayor's plan all along. She says, "This is just a hoax because they want to increase the taxpayer budget next year."
City officials say this might be the time to bring in state leaders, like the attorney general or the state comptroller, to play referee.