MTA driver claims he never refused drug test after crash that left bus dangling over Bronx overpass

The driver of the MTA bus that was left dangling over an overpass in the Bronx claims he never refused to take a drug test, but the transit agency claims otherwise.
An MTA file states Everton Beccan refused to take the test three times after an MTA sample collection technician got to the hospital he was at 3 a.m.
The transit union says Beccan took a drug test 11 hours after the incident even though he was never asked to at that point.
Beccan had his mouth wired shut due to injuries from Thursday’s crash that also left eight passengers hurt.
The veteran driver was suspended when the MTA said he refused to take the drug test.
The MTA released a statement that says in part: “This was a tragic incident for all involved and the MTA continues to provide the full facts to the public. Unfortunately, the bus operator refused his FTA and MTA-mandated drug and alcohol test multiple times. This is a straightforward, nonnegotiable, federally-mandated requirement of all bus operators and other safety sensitive personnel. We cannot make any exceptions to this requirement nor should we.”
Beccan, meanwhile, spoke out Saturday to maintain that he did take the test.
“I just want to set for the record straight,” Beccan says. “I did not refuse a drug test. I did a drug test and I have the paper here to prove it.”
Beccan’s drug test results are set to be released Monday.
The MTA says the breathalyzer test he took showed no alcohol in his system after the crash.