MTA proposes $80 million to increase safety for all New York City commuters

The MTA is aiming to beef up security across the board for its commuters. 
The transit agency has allotted more than $80 million in its 2015 budget proposal for a series of safety initiatives on the roads, subways and rails. 
Some of the money will be spent on track inspections and maintenance of the city's subway system. When it comes to the bridges and tunnels, the MTA wants to hire more security and safety coordinators, upgrade safety equipment and provide commercial driver license training to all officers who would respond to emergencies. 
Officials say that they're also researching new pilot programs to improve public safety on the city's buses. Bus operators are already receiving more training and security cameras have been installed on more than 1,500 buses. 
The transit board is expected to vote on next year's final financial plan in December.