Nanuet woman gets 'George to the Rescue' home renovations

A Nanuet woman finally got a look at her newly renovated home Friday as a thank you for her work encouraging people to become organ donors. 
The NBC show, "George to the Rescue" wanted to clean up the exterior of Roxanne Watson's home on Robert Court because of all the hard work she does in the community.
Watson is a major advocate for Live On New York as well as a heart transplant recipient. She is now 100 people away from her goal of signing up 10,000 to be organ donors. 
"If you could have saw it before, you wouldn't believe it was the same house," she said. 
Dozens of local companies such as R & M Landscaping and Nicolucci painting helped with the renovations. They donated their time, money and supplies.
"Home is the heart. I have a new heart, I have a new home, and my donor family is here. It doesn't get any better than that," says Watson.
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