Nearly 50 animals rescued from accused horror house in Newburgh

Forty-eight animals now have a chance for good lives after investigators say they were rescued from deplorable conditions at a Newburgh house.
Animal control officers say 16 dogs, 18 cats, chickens, roosters, rabbits, finches and fish were living in an illegal shelter on Quaker Street. Jacqueline Bates, 48, lived in the house with her daughter. Animal control officers say many of the animals were running loose and feces were piled up inside the house. Police have charged Bates with endangering the welfare of a child.
The animals are recovering at a local animal shelter and animal hospital. Officers say one guinea pig did not survive. The phone has been ringing continuously at the shelter with people interested in adopting the animals. The animals are getting the medical attention they desperately needed and are reported to be in a healthier condition. To adopt any of the animals contact the Newburgh Town Animal Shelter at 845-561-3344.