New Amazon warehouse soon to call Hawthorne home

Amazon is bolstering its footprint in the Hudson Valley by adding another warehouse in Westchester.
The project, which cost $99 million, will see a warehouse on Route 9A in Hawthorne. The location, formerly as the Green Valley Nursery, is now being replaced with a two-story garage below a 153,000-square-foot distribution center.
And once it is completed, it will bring in 100 full and part-time jobs with starting pay averaging about $18 an hour.
“It’s a big name for the town of Mount Pleasant," said Carl Fulgenzi, the Mount Pleasant town supervisor. "Amazon coming into the town of Mount Pleasant. I think it’s a positive thing for the town.”
Fulgenzi also says the warehouse will help the towns tax base.
"It will generate approximately $1.5 million in property taxes which the school, Mount Pleasant School District would probably benefit 70% of that."
This second warehouse in Westchester County comes as shoppers more frequently buy online. Amazon also has warehouses in Blauvelt and New Windsor.
Although the project is on a major truck corridor, some nearby residents are concerned that the project is too noisy. There are also concerns with the number of vehicles that will be added to an already busy road.
"This road can be hectic to drive on if you are a new driver," said one resident.
Amazon will be putting a traffic light there and a turning lane to make regress a little bit easier according to Fulgenzi. A spokesperson for Amazon added, "We are always working with local community leaders and follow all local permits and guidelines to ensure our Amazon sites do not disrupt the community."
Construction started about six months ago with the project expected to be completed in two years.