New City couple escapes injury after SUV plows into home

A New City couple is lucky to be alive Thursday after a SUV plowed through the front of their home.
According to police, the driver of the SUV was on West Clarkstown Road and swerved to avoid rear-ending another car. Police say she plowed through trees and toys in the front yard before smashing into the house. Homeowners Peter Cyrilraj and his wife were in the basement of the house when they heard what they say sounded like an explosion.
The driver was taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. The Cyrilrajs say they are thankful they were downstairs and their three children were at school at the time of the accident. Hillcrest firefighters shored up the front of the house to make sure it doesn't collapse further. The family says they have a place to stay while their house is repaired.