New City home renovation companies say business has surged

Home renovators in New City say business is booming.

News 12 Staff

May 11, 2021, 7:24 PM

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Home renovators in New City say business is booming.
Several home renovation companies in Rockland County say they’re fully booked through the fall.
New City’s Hendo Contracting tells News 12 there are zero openings for siding and deck jobs through the fall.
“We’re not doing any new bookings for the fall right now,” says Bob Henderson of Hendo Contracting. “Nonstop even through the winter. Typically January, February are very slow but we went right through.”
Royal Kitchen and Baths, also in New City, is reporting a similar backup. It turns out that the entire industry is witnessing a surge in home remodeling that began during the pandemic.
Due to the massive increase in work, president of Royal Kitchen and Baths Vincent Castiello anticipates opening a new store. “Believe or not we’ve never been this busy. I’m thrilled, I’m overjoyed,” says Castiello.
However, the same lockdowns that kept people home have also caused a major disruption in supply chains.
Castiello believes the best thing for homeowners to do is practice patience. "The waiting time to get products built would normally be six to eight weeks, but because of the influx of interest…and what’s happening around the world in manufacturing…clients have to wait four to five months to start the actual project itself.”

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