New city post to involve BX, city parents in children's education

Increasing parent participation to keep Bronx and city kids at the head of their classes was on the agenda Wednesday as the city unveiled a new post.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein announced the appointment of Martine Guerrier as the city's first-ever chief family engagement officer. They also unveiled the framework to keep parents engaged in the education process. Elected officials, advocates and religious leaders promised to seek community feedback in the effort.
Chief Family Engagement Officer Guerrier, along with the city, will work to represent parents' views in decision-making at the highest levels of the Department of Education. The city also wants to improve parents' access to timely information regarding their children's education.
For the ceremony of the mayor appointing the city's first-ever chief family engagement officer, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.