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New filming studio opens in East Fishkill at former IBM building

An East Fishkill building once home to hundreds of IBM employees is now home to Hollywood.

News 12 Staff

Sep 16, 2021, 9:54 PM

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An East Fishkill building once home to hundreds of IBM employees is now home to Hollywood.
Eric Michelson, owner of Michelson Studios, is opening a new filming studio in East Fishkill called iPark.
He says the studio is much needed after COVID stopped production for many projects for over a year. He says filming groups “have to catch up, they have to have product on the airwaves.”
Michelson adds, “In essence, the people that have come by are very happy that we exist because right now— studios are at a premium, they're all full.”
The new studio has 50,000 square-feet of blank canvas and dozens of empty rooms.
Michelson says it has New York City perks without the headache.
"Meaning you're not having to deal with the city for permits, you have incredible amount of parking,” he says. “Plus, anybody can blast down to the city in an hour and 15 minutes if they forgot a pencil on their desk or something."
The location comes as productions in the area are booming.
The Hudson Valley Film Commission estimates that at least $35 million in economic development has been made from a dozen productions so far this year.
More projects are planned to happen this fall, including works from Hallmark, Showtime and HBO Max.
Michelson is envisioning a bigger second act for the former IBM space.
"I just want to put in eight buildings, approximately 30,000 square-foot each, 40-foot ceilings that are built for the movies,” he says.
Since the studio opened a few weeks ago, Michelson says there’s already been a crew in to film.

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