New Rochelle mayoral candidate defends presence at pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian protest

A video capturing New Rochelle mayoral candidate Yadira Ramos-Herbert at a pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian protest has gained traction on social media.
The footage shows Ramos-Herbert engaging with attendees at the event, held at Columbia University last week, and intervening between opposing sides.
Ramos-Herbert, the Democratic candidate, also serves as the Associate Dean of Student and Registration Services for Columbia University's Law School. She stated that she has previous experience in managing student protests and has received training in de-escalation techniques.
A spokesperson from the University confirmed Ramos-Herbert's role in providing staff support in her capacity as Associate Dean.
"It's a little sad to me that someone's trying to politicize what's a humanitarian crisis through this post that was made. I've made my position supporting Israel very clear on both my Instagram and Facebook pages." says Ramos-Herbert.
"I understand that Yadira works at Columbia, but honestly my opinion is that if there is a protest and you're running for office, it might be best if you haven't even claimed your position to stay away from the protests," counters opponent Louis Trangucci (R).
The video, posted on TikTok four days ago by the account "NYC_001," has garnered nearly 17,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.