New Windsor police chief says his child was on board bus that crashed Wednesday

Wednesday's school bus crash in Orange County hit home for the Town of New Windsor police chief, whose daughter was one of eight children on board.
New Windsor Police Chief Robert Doss says it was one of the worst accidents he’s seen, made even more difficult when, as a first responder, he realized his daughter was one of the children on board.
“I ran up to where the damage was on the bus, where people were gathered, and I saw the route number of the bus was for my own daughter," he says.
Doss says his heart sank to the floor when he realized his 7-year-old was one of eight children on board the Little Britain Elementary school bus that was hit by a tree servicing truck driven by 25-year-old Ian Jennings Wednesday on Route 207 in New Windsor.
Doss’ daughter was among the seven children unhurt, who were taken off the mangled bus by a good Samaritan who witnessed the crash.
“I can’t tell you how lucky I felt at that time and to see her big smile. It was a very moving moment for me. But then business needed to be done. There were still other children there and other people that needed to be helped," says Doss.
Three people remain in serious but stable condition, including a 6-year-old first grader who’s now at Westchester Medical Center, 74-year-old bus driver Andrew Sanchez, who is at St. Luke's and the driver of that truck at Garnett Medical Center..