New York Federation of Taxi Drivers wants more protection after taxi driver shootings in the Bronx

The New York Federation of Taxi Drivers is demanding more protection following the killings of two of their own.
Investigators released surveillance video of four suspects who 62-year-old Aboubacal Bah is believed to have picked up before he was gunned down Tuesday morning. Just last week, another livery cab driver, Maudo Kane, was also shot and killed while on the job.
Police say that both men were shot in the head and left in the middle of the street. Their cars were then stolen and dumped blocks away.
The federation's spokesperson, Fernando Mateo, met with NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Wednesday and asked him to step up efforts to protect all cab drivers and catch the men behind the shootings.
Mateo said during an afternoon news conference that the two drivers who were killed picked up illegal hails. He stressed the importance of making sure that all equipment in cabs that could potentially save a driver's life, including partitions and emergency lights, are functioning properly.
He also mentioned that he wants Commissioner Bratton to send out a taxi task force, so that passengers won't know if they are getting into the cab with a driver or an undercover police officer. Mateo said he understands stop-and-frisk is no longer an option, but he mentioned that the police commissioner is willing to negotiate an alternative policy to help keep illegal weapons off the street.
Other drivers say they now fear for their lives and want to see a stronger police presence.