Newburgh anti-gun activists rally virtually to curb gun violence

Anti-gun violence advocates with SNUG in Newburgh held a virtual rally following three shootings in three weeks.

News 12 Staff

Jan 19, 2022, 9:24 PM

Updated 910 days ago


Anti-gun violence advocates with SNUG in Newburgh held a virtual rally following three shootings in three weeks. 
SNUG met virtually to remind people to reach out to them before shots are ever fired.
Program organizer Orenzo Charles says his team will keep working with the school district and after-school programs to make sure kids have positive outlets. It will also keep mediating conflicts before guns are pulled out.
Charles says SNUG isn't just there when something bad happens and that he needs the public's help.
"We're very approachable, and we want you to ask us how you can be supportive. Because if the community doesn't use us, we're ineffective," says Charles. 
Charles says he's hiring two more outreach workers for a total of six.
He says his team is succeeding and the proof is 45 gun violence-free days before these three January shootings.

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