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Newburgh launches grant program to aid local businesses recovering from pandemic

The City of Newburgh is providing financial assistance to 20 businesses struggling post-COVID through a new grant program, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, with awards to be announced this fall.

News 12 Staff and Colin Schwager

Aug 3, 2023, 9:47 PM

Updated 323 days ago


The City of Newburgh has launched a new grant program to support businesses still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The city will provide lifelines to 20 businesses, each receiving up to $10,000 from a $200,000 fund.
Among those who have applied for assistance is Sang-Tae Lee, owner of Economy Cleaners, a family-owned dry cleaning and tailoring service on Broadway struggling to recover after three years of hardship starting from the pandemic-induced shutdown in March 2020. Lee mentioned that the potential grant money would be quickly utilized for bill payments.
Michelle Basch of The Wherehouse bar on Liberty Street also applied for a city grant after almost failing to make rent due to pandemic-related business model adjustments. She hopes to use the grant money toward a new HVAC system.
City officials said that the grant program, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, aims to create a small measure of economic justice by redirecting funds to small businesses.
The city is reviewing applications and expects to announce grant recipients by this fall. Despite the overwhelming number of applications received, exceeding available awards, officials stated that there are no plans to expand the program. Most of the city's remaining ARPA funds are allocated for an aquatic center.

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