Newburgh, Pine Bush to cut hundreds of teachers due to budget gaps

A second school district in Orange County has announced plans to lay off dozens of teachers after millions of dollars in cuts to state aid.
One week into the virtual return to school in Newburgh, the district is now facing another hurdle.
This time, it's what administration are calling "catastrophic" budget cuts – in the amount of $33 million in state aid, leaving no choice but to lay off as many as 125 employees.
Parents say the proposed layoffs add to existing concerns about the state of schools during virtual learning. Sources say dozens of teachers, aides, assistants and guards could be cut.
Superintendent Dr. Robert Padilla says cuts will be made to unfilled positions first, adding "This is an extremely difficult time for school districts across New York State, but especially for school districts serving the state's most vulnerable children."
Newburgh isn't the only district struggling. Pine Bush just announced 200 layoffs there as of next month...and released a detailed list of jobs on the chopping block.
Both districts – like others statewide – are working with a 20% cut in state aid due to the pandemic.