Newburgh residents question city manager’s $80K pay raise, residency

City officials tell News 12 that the city manager has since moved to the city and is a “proud resident.”

Blaise Gomez

Mar 22, 2023, 9:36 PM

Updated 427 days ago


Newburgh City Manager Todd Venning might not be very media-friendly these days, but it appears he has a better relationship with city officials. 
One week after News 12 reported on his alleged gag order policies to control the city’s public image when it comes to crime, News 12 has learned the appointed official got an $80,000 pay raise last year – bumping his salary to $190,000, according to online state records. 
And while his income almost doubled in a matter of months, the census bureau shows the average household income for the residents he serves is seven times less at $27,000.
“That’s pretty ridiculous that he has that type of pay raise, considering the people in Newburgh are more or less impoverished,” said one resident. 
Residents we spoke to questioned Venning’s raise. 
“Not $80,000. You know something, it’s not fair to the community,” said Sara Velez. 
Venning is the only city manager in Orange and Rockland counties, but there are city managers in Westchester who make about the same. 
The appointed official made local headlines last year for allegedly skirting the city’s policy requiring him to live in Newburgh when he lived across the river in Wappingers. 
News 12 found a single-family address for Venning in an affluent neighborhood in Dutchess County, owned by a woman with the same last name and valued at $623,000. 
An online search also found Venning linked to a brown brick apartment building in Newburgh as a renter. 
City officials tell News 12 that the city manager has since moved to the city and is a “proud resident.” 
Venning’s contract expires in June, and the city is in talks with him for another potential pay raise.  

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