Newburgh security officer saves student from choking

A security officer at a Newburgh Elementary School is being hailed a hero after saving a choking student during lunch.    
Security Officer Hector Almodovar saved a student from choking at lunch Tuesday.
Fifth grader Ariana Miranda was eating an orange at lunch when a small piece got stuck in her throat.
Almodovar noticed and did the Heimlich maneuver. “She was trying to throw up. She was choking. That's when I got up. I did the Heimlich. After the third time, she was able to talk. She said, ‘it came out, it came out.’ I'm just happy that she's OK. It's part of the job, it's what we get trained to do, to help people. I’m just happy she's good." says Almodovar. "I'm grateful he's in my life, because if it weren't for him, the story would've taken another turn," says Ariana.
The district says all security monitors are trained every year in basic lifesaving skills.