News 12 Networks earns 69 New York Emmy nominations

The list of 2020 New York Emmy nominations was announced Tuesday morning - and News 12 Networks earned 69 nominations.

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Feb 25, 2020, 6:51 PM

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News 12 Networks earns 69 New York Emmy nominations
The list of 2020 New York Emmy nominations was announced Tuesday morning - and News 12 Networks earned 69 nominations.
This year, the association says there was a record number of submissions.
The winners will be announced at the 2020 New York Emmy Awards Gala on April 18 in New York City.
Below is a list of nominations by region:

News 12 Westchester - 26 total
General Assignment Report - Slave Auction Controversy 
Continuing Coverage - Blindsighted - A Yearlong Probe Exposes Train Safety Lapse
Investigative Report: Single Story - Surveillance Secret 
Feature News Report: Serious Feature - Jenny's Fight
Feature News Report: Serious Series - School of Pain
Children/Youth - Kindness Jars 
Education/School: News - The Bathroom Battle
Crime: Program/Feature/Segment/Special - Crime That Pays: Laura's Story 
Environment: News - Dam Dangers
Health/Science: News - Fight For Marijuana Legalization 
Historical/Cultural: News - Underground Railroad Tour 
Military: Program Feature/Segment - Walk With Frank
Politics/Government: News - HRC: The Interview That Circled The Globe 
Politics/Government: Program/Special - Power And Politics: The Leader Speaks 
Societal Concerns: News - Prescription Pad Problem
Societal Concerns: Program Feature/Segment - Countdown To Shutdown
Societal Concerns: Program/Special - No Way Out: Loopholes In The Law
Journalistic Enterprise - Tara Rosenblum - Journalistic Enterprise 
Editor: News - Andrew Christman
Talent: Reporter - Features/Human Interest - Nadia Galindo 
Talent: Reporter - Features/Human Interest -Tara Rosenblum
Talent: Reporter - Speciality Assignment - Tara Rosenblum
Talent: Reporter - Medical - Tara Rosenblum
Talent: Reporter - Performer/Narrator - Tara Rosenblum 
Photographer: News - Andrew Christman
Writer: News - Tara Rosenblum, Scott McGee Composite
News 12 Long Island - 17 total
Environment: Program Feature/Segment - Go Green 
Historical/Cultural: News - Project Revival 
Human Interest: News - Ride for Life
Human Interest: News - Challenger Surf Camp 
Politics/Government: News - Cuomo Vs Nixon 
Politics/Government: Program Feature/Segment - Federal Balance Of Power 
Religion: News - The Rollin' Reverend 
Societal Concerns: News - Congestion Pricing 
Sports: News Single Story - Half-Hearted Jack 
Sports: News Single Story - Paper Super Bowl 3 
Talent: Anchor - News - Stone Grissom 
Talent: Anchor - Weather - Pat Cavlin 
Talent: Anchor - Sports - Kevin Maher 
Talent: Reporter - Political - Rich Barrabi 
Talent: Reporter - Sports - Jamie Stuart 
Talent: Reporter - Sports - Kevin Maher 
Photographer: News - Brian Jingeleski: Ride for Life 
News 12 New Jersey - 10 total
Evening Newscast: Larger Market - Helicopter in the Hudson 10PM Newscast
Spot News - Fort Lee Fire
Entertainment: Program Feature/Segment - On The Scene With John Bathke: This Isn't Going To Be A Poem
Business/Consumer: News - Kane In Your Corner: Robocalls 
Education/School: News - Bullied In School 
Health/Science: News - Surprise Medical Bills
Politics/Government: News - Kane In Your Corner: Politics 
Talent: Anchor - Weather - Dave Curren
Talent: Reporter - Political - Walt Kane 
Writer: News - Walt Kane Writing Composite
News 12 Connecticut - 6 total
Feature News Report: Light Feature - Baby Boom
Feature News Report: Serious Feature - Round Two 
Sports: News Single Story - Amber's Impact 
Editor: News - Jim Mennino
Talent: Reporter - Features/Human Interest - Marissa Alter
Photographer: News - Jim Mennino

News 12 The Bronx - 5 total
Crime: Program/Feature/Segment/Special - Justice for Junior – Terror of the Trinitarios
Societal Concerns: Program/Special - Justice for Junior: Spirit of the Streets
Interactivity - Justice for Junior: The Trial
Editor: News - Justice for Junior – Terror of the Trinitarios
Talent: Anchor – Weather - Mike Rizzo
News 12 Digital - 2 total
Interactivity - News 12 Engage
Weather - Weather Squad Visits Rye Playland
News 12 Brooklyn - 2 total
Feature News Report: Serious Series – The Broken Blue Line
Feature News Report: Light Feature – Bravo Brooklyn
News 12 Hudson Valley - 1 total
Military: News - A Timeless Graduation
For the full list of nominations, click here.

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