News 12 searches for more ways to save at the pump as gas prices rise

It's probably all you've been hearing about and talking about - the sticker shock at the gas pump.
News 12 has been sharing tips to save, like taking care of your car, keeping those tires inflated, not speeding, paying with cash and signing up for gas loyalty programs. 
But desperate times call for desperate measures. So News 12 is searching for more ways to stretch your gas because at nearly $5 a gallon, every penny counts.
Saving money at the pump isn't just knowing where to get gas, but also when to do it. Drivers could save $50 to $100 this year by getting gas first thing Monday morning when it's historically cheapest, according to GasBuddy.
There are other things people can do – such as making sure your gas cap is completely sealed, keeping your windows closed on the highway and even waxing your car to reduce drag to get better mileage per gallon.
But even with all the tips in the world, Hudson Valley drivers say they don't see an end in sight for the historically high gas prices.
"I'm trying not to drive more. I'll just go on a bike or go on a skateboard. Take the bus, train. It's cheaper. I'll get somewhere faster as long as I don't have to waste more money on gas," says driver Arturo Morales.