NICE Bus offers 70,000 free rides to those identified as 'least advantaged'

Free rides are on the way for Nassau County residents who take public transportation.
Around 25,000 Long Islanders are eligible to get free Metro Cards for NICE buses through the new Emergency Transportation Assistance Program.
Jack Khzouz, CEO of NICE Bus, says the company partnered with United Way to give out 70,000 free rides to those who have been identified as "least advantaged."
Khzouz says NICE Bus Transdev has given more than $1 million worth of Metro Cards since 2017
Theresa Regnante, of United Way of Long Island, says providing transportation is critical for the success of their services and programs.
"It's great to fund a program for mental health, but it's not so great if people can't get there," Regnante says.
Twenty-one social service agencies will receive thousands of cards to give to their clients.
Jenette Adams, program director for Youth Build, say it helps her clients not have to worry about getting the funds to go where they need to go.
Students are also eligible for the free rides.
The CEO of United Way Long Island tells News 12 that the program is not available in Suffolk County because the county's transportation system is run by a different business model, which is privately operated.