No more warnings: Yonkers to send out fines for passing school buses

Westchester's largest school district is implementing an additional layer of security for students, introducing cameras designed to capture drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses.
The warning period, initiated on Oct. 12, resulted in 1900 incidents being reviewed and verified as violations, prompting warning notices to be mailed to offending drivers.
Effective immediately, Yonkers drivers will no longer receive warnings. With 250 Yonkers school buses now equipped with sensory cameras strategically placed around the bus, drivers passing a stopped school bus will be caught on camera. Violators will receive tickets by mail, similar to red-light camera violations.
Under the law, the first violation for passing a school bus incurs a fine of $250 to $275. Subsequent offenses within an 18-month period raise the fine to $300. Yonkers school officials anticipate having these stop-arm camera systems installed on 500 school buses by the beginning of 2024.