Non-profit helping legal BX immigrants work

Legal immigrants in the Bronx have a new ally in the struggle to improve their living situation.
Upwardly Global is a non-profit organization aimed at helping legal, college-educated immigrants find jobs in their field.
The organization says stories like Waspada Peranginangin's are not uncommon to Upwardly Global. The non-profit helped place him with J.P. Morgan Chase.
Peranginangin came to America from his native Indonesia nearly six years ago. Prior to his immigration, Peranginangin was an accountant. He says he could not find a decent job in the Bronx and was having trouble making ends meet, but his life changed when Upwardly Global selected him for its program.
?All of a sudden, within three weeks of joining, I got information for an interview,? said Peranginangin. ?A week later I got a job offer.?
Upwardly Global is in its first year of activity in the borough.
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