November job report shows weak increase for jobs being added

The latest jobs report is in and is being described as the weakest so far this year, as employers saw very little movement on potential occupations being added.
Only 210,000 jobs were added in November, bringing total job growth this year to 6.1 million.
RJ staffing in Rockland has 150 vacancies across varying industries, which tripled the amount the company had before the pandemic.
“The demand is out there but they were only able to add about 200,000 employees to the workforce,” said Shane Rizzotti, Director of Sales & Permanent Services RJ Staffing. “When you're reading the jobs report you have to understand the jobs they say are added are payroll those are jobs that are filled it doesn't speak to the vacancies that are still in the marketplace.”
On the bright side, unemployment dropped to 4.2% but it is still higher than pre-pandemic levels of 3.5% with hospitality, government, education and health services seeing the largest deficit of workers.
"We're looking at the sharpest one-year decline and unemployment ever simply put America America's back to work,” said President Biden.
"It’s troubling and the question remains where are these folks and how do we get them back to work,” added Rizzotti.
To get people back to work the staffing agency encourages companies to offer permanent over temporary positions and be flexible with hybrid roles and mandates.