NY Labor Department: 18,000 jobs available statewide for asylum seekers

New York has at least 18,000 job openings available for migrants across 400 companies, according to the state Labor Department.
Gov. Kathy Hochul announced these new statistics as the state finds new ways to move migrants out of New York City-funded shelters and into independent living.
"Migrants and asylum seekers came here to work, so let's put them to work," said Gov. Kathy Hochul.
More than 16% of the available jobs statewide are in the Hudson Valley region.
There are roughly 400 asylum seekers staying in Westchester between Yonkers, White Plains and Ardsley, including 280 adults.
"That could go a long way in helping people start to work, earn resources that they need to live on, pay taxes on the money they earn, and help the economy," said Westchester County Executive George Latimer.
Hospitality (24%), health care (21%), and manufacturing (10%) make up more than half of the industries seeking to hire migrants who are legally allowed to work.
On Aug. 24, Hochul directed the state Labor Department to contact employers statewide to determine which job openings could be filled with migrants.
Just shy of a month later on Sept. 21, the Biden Administration granted temporary legal status to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are already in the country making them eligible to work as the country tries to address the growing number of people arriving at the U.S. southern border including many who have been bused to New York City and the suburbs.
Hochul said the window for people to apply for the new TPS extension begins Tuesday. 
Applicants should be allowed to work within 30 days.