NY lawmakers appear to have reached deal on legalizing recreational marijuana

State lawmakers appear to have reached a deal on legalizing recreational marijuana, according to multiple state officials.
New York was one of the last "blue" states to legalize medical marijuana a few years ago. Now it appears the state is on the cusp of full legalization - with a vote expected next week.
Here's what that would entail:
-The deal creates a five-member board overseeing licensing for growers, wholesalers, dispensaries and even adult-use "consumption sites."
-It would allow residents to grow up to six pot plants each, but no more than 12 plants in a home.
- Communities will have the opportunity to opt out.
The real delay has been on how to divvy up the $350 million a year in taxes that legalization would create.
The deal that's been struck would put 20% toward education and treatment, 40% toward education and another 40% toward social equity grants.