NY Post: MLB planning playoff overhaul including more teams, chance to pick opponent

Major League Baseball is considering major changes to its playoff system that could go into effect in just a few years, according to a New York Post report.
According to the Post's Joel Sherman, the playoffs would expand to seven teams per league, with the best record in the National and American leagues receiving a bye, putting them directly in the division series.
The remaining six teams then would play in a best-of-three series, where the other division champions and the top wild card team will host all three games. Additionally, the No. 2 and No. 3 teams (the division champions) get to pick their opponent from the wild card teams.
The Post's report says the selection of opponents would play out on a selection show that airs after the regular season wraps up.
"Think the NCAA selection show, but just with the teams making the selections. The rights to that show is part of the enticement to potential TV partners," Sherman says in the report.
Sherman says the plan could go into effect as early as 2022.