Nyack deploys heavy-duty snow remover

The Village of Nyack has an industrial-strength snow-moving machine to help plow streets.
Residents who witnessed it in action Wednesday said they would like one of their own.
It works like a giant snowblower, chopping up and drawing in snow at the bottom and launching it out of a chute at the top. It moves with a dump truck that collects the launched snow. The snow is then taken to a park down by the Hudson, where it can melt at its leisure.
Officials say the machine can inhale and spit out 2,000 tons of snow an hour.
Deputy Mayor Doug Foster says the machine pays for itself by reducing overtime for cleanup and clearing the streets in front of local businesses.
"Particularly for our downtown area, where it's very tight. The space is very tight. It's not a matter of pushing the snow, we need to get rid of it. We need to get it out,” he says.