Nyack DPW employee suspended for violating work policy

A Nyack Department of Public Works employee has been suspended for a week without pay after he violated a work policy on Wednesday.
News 12 was at the Central Nyack Community Center for a Clarkstown event when the Nyack worker was across the street, landscaping a home on Waldron Avenue.
He appeared to be wearing his uniform, using village equipment out of the village truck.
The worker flipped off the camera as he drove away.
News 12 learned that Nyack DPW workers are not allowed to work on private property in or out of the village.
News 12 reached out to Village officials who acted quickly when they found out.
They are not able to say who he is.
"Nyack does not tolerate employees using village equipment on private property. Nor employees acting poorly," says Village Administrator Andy Stewart.
News 12 was told the DPW worker has accepted responsibility.