Nyack students given detention following gun violence walkout

Some students in Rockland County were punished for taking part in last week's protests against gun violence.
Public school students in Nyack were given detention for walking out of class.

Two students told News 12 that their friends were exercising their freedom of speech.
“It's their protest, and it was their right to do this,” said Isabele Driesen.

News 12 reached out to the superintendent of Nyack Public Schools.

“We make every effort to support our students wherever possible provided it does not compromise our interests in their safety nor cause a significant disruption to their classroom instruction,” said Dr. James Montesano. “Announcements were made to students at both our high school and middle school to advise that our student Code of Conduct would apply to any student who left their classroom without permission.”

Regardless of punishment, the two students says they are proud of their classmates who walked out and stood up against gun violence.