NYPD, FBI arrest 12 in drug, gun sweep

Authorities targeted a street crew Wednesday alleged to have sold guns and crack cocaine on the Grand Concourse.
The FBI and NYPD, taking part in what is called Operation Concourse Hustle, arrested 12 people they accuse of being part of the group.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the raid was part of a yearlong undercover investigation in which confidential sources were used to take on the Grand Concourse Crew. Police say the group has been dealing in the Bronx for the past five years.
Court documents show that most of the transactions done by the confidential sources were recorded using audio and video equipment. At least 35 transactions were completed.
According to the documents, nearly 1,000 bags of crack cocaine were bought valuing $10,000. Police say that $25,000 in guns was also bought.
Kelly, in explaining how the crew operated, says that the 20-person crew sold the drugs and guns out the lobby of 1269 Grand Concourse.
?We also witnessed one of the gun sellers bring his 9-year-old child with him when he conducted business,? Kelly says.
While none of the residents at the building would speak on the record, they privately expressed relief that the drug ring had been broken up.