'Offensive and jarring': Residents disturbed by racist stickers spreading across New Rochelle community

Police in New Rochelle are investigating after residents say stickers with offensive messages began popping up around their neighborhood.

News 12 Staff

Sep 28, 2020, 4:58 PM

Updated 1,389 days ago


Residents in New Rochelle are condemning racist stickers with offensive messages that have been popping up around their neighborhood.
Neighbors say the stickers with messages such as White Power and White Lives Matter are being posted on traffic signs, in the parks, on utility poles, and even private property.
Resident Jackie Mills says stickers she's seen have read, "'White Power,' 'Diversity is the systematic way of terminating white people' – just offensive and jarring statements that don't belong in this neighborhood."
Rochelle Heights in New Rochelle is a close-knit and diverse community. Residents say the community has had no obvious racial problems until these stickers started showing up. Other residents who've seen them say the peace and quiet of their neighborhood is being disturbed and threatened by the stickers and their messages.
Mills says she first started seeing the stickers in September, around the same time that social justice signs reading, "Black Lives Matter," began disappearing.
Her neighbors shared their stories of seeing the stickers and feeling hurt and violated by what they read.
New Rochelle police say the incidents are under investigation.
For those who post the volatile stickers, Mills and her neighbors have a message of their own. "We want it known that, we in Rochelle Heights are united, we are diverse and we're not afraid," Mills says.

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