Officials seek 5 men accused of drug trafficking in narcotics sweep that nabbed more than 1 dozen people

The search is on in Orange County for five men accused of drug trafficking in a narcotics sweep that nabbed more than a dozen people.
Authorities say one of the men they are seeking allegedly sold a dose of drugs that killed a woman in Monroe.
The men are accused of trafficking, selling cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and prescription pills throughout Orange County.
Authorities say that Rashon Williams sold a deadly batch of drugs to a woman in Monroe who overdosed in April.
The group is part of a narcotics sweep that names 17 people - mainly from Newburgh - for individual offenses - and in some cases - sales to undercover police officers.
Orange County District Attorney Dave Hoovler says a dozen people have been arrested, but have been released under bail reform.
Hoovler says it's a concern since the individuals accused of drug crimes often require substance abuse treatment themselves.
Authorities say two of the five people wanted are convicted felons who would be eligible for a longer sentence, if convicted, under state law.