Officials urge BX residents to help stop abuse

City officials are calling on New Yorkers to report any suspicion of child abuse in light of the recent beating death of a Bedford-Stuyvesant 3-year-old.
Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum says it's every New Yorker's responsibility to speak out if they think a child is being abused.
Ethelena Persons, of Prevent Child Abuse NY, says there are red flags to look for with suspected child abuse. "It's about a pattern over time, not only hearing things, but also seeing things and hearing yelling and cursing and screaming and pounding," she says.
Takai Marcelle was found unconscious Wednesday by police. Her father, Jason Marcelle, has been charged with beating the 3-year-old girl to death.
Representatives from Prevent Child Abuse say people often don't speak out for fear of retaliation. Officials want the public to know that any call to police, the Administration for Children's Services or Gotbaum's office is anonymous.