Orange County prosecutors promise grand jury review following death of boy who may have been starved, abused

Orange County prosecutors have promised a grand jury review in the case of a 7-year-old boy who may have been starved to death in his Newburgh home.
It's been about a week since city of Newburgh investigators say the boy was taken to the hospital deceased.
Mayor Torrance Harvey says he understands that the community is grieving and wants justice for the 7-year-old Temple Hill Elementary student who, according to an official source, was abused by caretakers and died by starvation.
"These things take time. Any death in our city is horrific. Any death, any loss of life we take seriously," says Harvey.
Newburgh police say the boy didn't live with his parents, and that they're investigating who was responsible for the child, as well as if he was regularly in school – whether virtually or in-person - when he died.
They're also looking into injuries on the boy's ankles that an official source tells News12 may have been caused by shackles. Police say it could also have been caused by tight socks or bedsores.
Authorities say the boy was taken to the hospital by a caretaker four hours after his death last Wednesday, and that the case involves clear signs of abuse and neglect.
District Attorney Dave Hoovler says all resources are being devoted to holding whoever is responsible accountable, saying, "This is going to be a very thorough investigation and we plan to use the grand jury process to investigate all aspects of this case."
Child Protective Services is also investigating since authorities say other children lived in the home.