First snow of season brings risk of slippery roads in Orange, Rockland

The first snow of the season in Orange and Rockland counties is bringing a risk of slippery road conditions.
News 12 meteorologists said there wasn't much accumulation, but the snow could slow down motorists due to slippery conditions caused by wet leaves and water pooling on the roads.
Image courtesy of News 12's Shannon Longworth
Although it wasn’t quite cold enough for snowflakes to stick on the pavement, there was some snow sticking on grassy surfaces.
State police issued a reminder on Facebook to alert everyone to keep their headlights on, along with their windshield wipers.
Drivers were seen on Route 17 driving slowly because visibility was very low.
Some residents say they were shocked to see the snow this morning. “It brings me right back to childhood, so it was exciting for me,” says commuter Kieran Begley.