Parents accuse Middletown teacher of inappropriate conduct toward female students

Parents in Middletown recently voiced concerns about a middle school teacher who they say is making kids feel uncomfortable in class.
Four parents made the allegations against a Monhagen Middle School teacher at a district board meeting held on Oct. 5.
Two parents of one student said the teacher recently leaned over their child from behind while she sat at her desk and hovered over her in an inappropriate manner. The parents said their student did not ask for help or for the teacher to come over to where she sat.
“I found that to be very disturbing. My daughter was very uncomfortable by it. I believe that there are certain things going on in the classroom that need to be looked at,” said Clarence Forbes. “This same teacher also admitted to asking kids if they bought any new underwear and, I was told, bras.”
Another parent said their student experienced the similar alleged behavior from the male teacher last year.
“When I asked her why she didn’t mention anything, her response was ‘it happened to everybody in the classroom, so I thought it was the norm,’” said Sergio Campos.
Another parent who spoke at the meeting said the educator was seen by her daughter’s friend behaving inappropriately.
“She spoke to me about it, and she doesn’t feel comfortable going to school in the class so I hope this can be addressed and taken seriously,” said the parent.
None of the parents identified the educator in their remarks. The Middletown school district says they are meeting with the parents who spoke and investigating the allegations.