Parents of Newburgh students allegedly targeted in knife fight say victims suspended while attackers remain in class

The parents of a group of Newburgh kids allegedly attacked by students armed with a knife this week are now speaking exclusively to News 12 about the frightening ordeal. 
They say instead of being supported, the victims are now suspended. 
“Our kids are not the aggressors,” said one father who asked not to be identified by name. “Our children were on school premises where they were supposed to be. Students from another school came on these premises where they had no business being.” 
This Newburgh father is one of four parents now coming forward to News 12 after their kids were allegedly targeted by armed bullies at Newburgh Free Academy North. 
The parents say four students from another campus tried to jump their kids during dismissal Wednesday and that one had a knife. 
 “Nothing has been done,” said the father. “These kids are in school. They’re still posting. They’re mocking the situation. They’re making jokes about it.” 
The Newburgh school district confirms the incident and says it remains under investigation. 
Newburgh police tell News 12 that no arrest has been made. 
Parents say their students are suspended for a week because one of them fought back in defense and threw a punch.  
Another mother spoke to News 12 anonymously. 
“My son was targeted. He was approached with a knife and somehow, he became the aggressor, not the victim. He didn’t have a cell phone. He wasn’t aware that this was going to take place so it doesn’t make any sense.” 
The parents say their students are all friends who have repeatedly gone to administration for help about being bullied in school, and on social media, by the same kids allegedly involved in the attack. 
They’re now asking the district to take a closer look and rethink how these types of cases are handled. 
 “They put Band-Aids on everything. They cover up everything when they’re not really dealing with the real issues.” 
The Newburgh school district released a statement online saying an administrator saw the other group of students with the knife. 
They say the incident was quickly broken up by a sheriff’s deputy stationed at the school and security.