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Peeping Tom reported at Rondout Valley Campground

A Pleasant Valley woman says she was sexually violated on the grounds.

News 12 Staff

Jul 23, 2021, 10:13 PM

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An Ulster County campground that made headlines over its choice to suspend a member who refused to take down a thin blue line flag finds itself in another difficult situation.
A Pleasant Valley woman says she was sexually violated on the grounds.
Amanda Gilman, 33, says she was washing her hair inside the bathroom at Rondout Valley Campground Saturday. She looked down and saw she was being watched by a peeping Tom, she says.
"I went into the shower, and there was no one there at all. I started taking my shower and caught a glimpse of shoes coming into the stall by me," said Gilman.
She said she saw a camera under her stall.
"I just saw the shoes and I screamed. I screamed hysterically," she said.
Gilman immediately reported the incident to management, who she says responded with concern at first but then backtracked the next day.
"All she could tell me over and over was that, 'We aren't required to have cameras.' Then why do you have cameras back there then?"
Gilman says the campground in Accord has cameras, but they are live-feed only and don't record, and that staff took down signs she put up to warn guests.
A rep for Rondout Valley says they take the violation of privacy very seriously and are taking steps to increase their security.
"I just want them to commit to do something to stop this in the future," Gilman said.
She says she also wants a promise that the campground will upgrade its surveillance to better protect campers.

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