Petition to redo ‘Game of Thrones’ final season approaches 1 million signatures

When Dylan D., of Fort Worth, Texas, first posted his petition that HBO should remake the final season of Game of Thrones with “competent writers” – it went nowhere.
“I made this petition some few days after Episode 4, “The Last of the Starks”, aired. I was just so disappointed and angry. It was simply me venting a bit. I posted it to r/freefolk on Reddit, it got nowhere, and I shrugged and went about my day. I had forgotten all about it. A week later, a coworker caught me before I was leaving for the day and asked, “Hey, is this you?” The petition had almost reached 500,000 signatures. I was blown away. I hadn’t checked the thing for a week! And look at how far it has come!
The petition is now approaching 1,000,000 signatures. Dylan D. said in an update to his petition Friday that he hasn’t heard from HBO, and that he doesn’t expect the season to be remade.
“It costs a fortune to shoot one episode, and I think most signers understand that. Will HBO lose gobs of money over this? Eh probably not. As Heath Ledger’s Joker once said, “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message.” And I think this message is one of frustration and disappointment at its core.”
His post suggests that the writers of the show “rushed to the end” of the series and did fans a “great disservice.”
Anyone who actually thought the season could be redone was kidding themselves. And it seems that Dylan was very aware of that:
“In closing, I didn’t make this petition to be an entitled, whiny fan. I made it because I was immensely disappointed and needed to vent. Do I have a solution? I’ve got plenty of ideas, but no, I’m not a Hollywood writer. But you don’t need to be a mechanic to know your car is broken.
Thank you to everyone for signing this silly thing. I will post another update if something tangible happens.”
A word to the wise: Just enjoy the television program for what it is.