Pew Research Center: Latino voters account for 13% of all voters

Among those tuning in to the presidential debate Tuesday night are Latino voters, with a record 32 million eligible to cast a ballot this year, according to the Pew Research Center.
For the first time, Latinos will be the largest ethnic minority in the election, accounting for 13% of all voters.
One of those voters is first-generation American citizen Emily Dominguez, who now serves as deputy mayor of the village of Haverstraw, in a predominantly Hispanic community.
"My parents met 60 plus years ago when they came here. They got jobs, they became citizens, to them it was always a privilege," she says.
What Dominguez believes is behind the surge in the community is an eagerness to vote.
"Every day or every few days, someone comes in and asks for a voter registration form to sign up to vote, so I keep a stack," she says.
While there's no demographic breakdown, Rockland County has 12,000 new voters registered this year.
In a Pew Research Center survey, Latino voters say the economy, health care and the COVID-19 outbreak are the top three topics deciding their vote in November. The next big three are racial inequality, violent crime and the Supreme Court appointment.