Phase 1 of Ridge Hill shopping center redevelopment to kick off in early 2024

Ridge Hill shopping center in Yonkers is about to look a whole lot different. Phase 1 of its redevelopment plan is about to get underway.
Construction for Phase 1 of the Ridge Hill redevelopment plan will kick off in early 2024.
"Were trying to create that space where people want to spend their time, that's one of the big goals here," explains Ridge Hill General Manager, Meghann Hongach.
The big changes that are coming are intended to elevate the customer experience.
"The fountain is actually coming out so we can create a lounge area, a family-friendly lounge area, a great place for people to unwind," says Hongach.
There will also be changes to Town Square, including expanding its size.
In maximizing their outdoor space, they hope to have more free events open to the public.
"We've hosted music, movies, and yoga and other fitness-type events and family-friendly events and the plan is just to do more of that and do it better and bigger," says Hongach.
Second Street will become a pedestrian zone exclusively.
Shoppers tell News 12 the area is becoming so much more than just an outdoor mall.
"It seems like making it more family-friendly, its definitely intriguing," says shopper Jenny Teixeira.
"Between the trampolines and Lego and mini golf, there is so much good stuff to come do here now. I'm not going to the mall to do T.J. Maxx and the movies, I can just come to hang out!" said shopper Sharon Bilman.
The project is expected to be completed by this time next year.