Playing with Fire: Inspector accused of falsifying reports

The state Department of Education is accusing a local fire inspector of giving clean safety reports to several private schools which had violations.
According to the Department of Education, Adam Peltz, from the Town of Ramapo, inspected several yeshivas last year and gave them passing grades. When state investigators visited the schools, they found them riddled with major violations.
At one school, they claimed to find dead-bolted doors, broken exits, uncovered electric panels and wires on a bathroom floor. Peltz had allegedly labeled the school safe.
Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski is calling for drastic action to protect hundreds of young lives in his district. He wants the state to take over the Building Department in Ramapo, as well as Spring Valley, where News 12's investigation turned up dozens of code violations back in December.
"Those in charge of protecting and upholding safety aren't doing their jobs and the state has to step in," he said. "The time for action is now. I mean these kids are going to be in school tomorrow in these type of conditions, and every single day we risk a tragedy."
News 12 has been told that the state Education Department has advised schools in Ramapo to seek alternate assistance in getting their annual inspections done.