'Please don’t forget our children.' Families fight for more funding for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities

Families of New Yorkers with developmental disabilities took their fight for statewide funding straight to Albany - with a pit stop in the Hudson Valley on Thursday.
The Ardsley rest stop was briefly transformed Thursday into the epicenter for the Rights of New Yorkers with Developmental Disabilities.

 Leslie Ann Graham and her son, Anthony, joined a caravan of families with children who have special needs, many traveling from as far east as Long Island.

They were headed to Albany, where they are going to protest potential cuts brought on by COVID-19 state programs that provide services such as adult day care and job coaching that greatly improve the quality of the lives of that community.

 Many of these families tell News 12 that their fight won't end with the caravan – they say it’s just the beginning.
Lori McCarthy made the drive to represent her son who is living with autism and relies on the counseling and care he receives. She had a message for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and for lawmakers: “Please don’t forget out our children, they need your support.”